John Trimble Essays on
Music, Bands, and the World at Large

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Nearly seventeen years ago, Val and I flew to Maryland to pick up a Yorkshire Terrier puppy from our now deceased friend and breeder, Lee Murray. Even before the birth, which was hard as only one of three puppies survived, Lee knew that I wanted to name her Squeaky after…well, if you don’t know who that is it’s not going to look good in print… Anyway, form followed function or something like that, because in her early years—rather than bark— Squeaky would carry a stuffed animal in her mouth and make it squeak constantly, almost as dialogue. We would say …  [ read more ]

Essay List:

  • The Tragedy of Slow Motion
  • Crushing on Vince Mendoza and the Metropole Orchestra
  • The Memory Sherpa Sticks His Thumb Out
  • Joe Radovich
  • Three Weddings and a Tour de Donut
  • The Memory Sherpa
  • Cafe Bombay
  • On Phil Howard and Soft Machine
  • Sound Check
  • John’s Gear
  • Robert Wyatt: An Appreciation
  • It’s the Mole! On Matching Mole
  • JFK: The Fifth Beatle
  • Why Jimi Matters
  • Phantom
  • Squeaky
  • Cosmo
  • The Road Ends in Water