John Trimble Essays on
Music, Bands, and the World at Large

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The Road Ends in Water

Driving to the Mississippi to scatter the ashes of Jack Clayton Trimble (1915-2002), we turn off the main drive onto a side-road where we encounter this sign: The Road Ends in Water. This is the eulogy I delivered at my father's funeral.  [ read more ]

Essay List:

  • The Tragedy of Slow Motion
  • Crushing on Vince Mendoza and the Metropole Orchestra
  • The Memory Sherpa Sticks His Thumb Out
  • Joe Radovich
  • Three Weddings and a Tour de Donut
  • The Memory Sherpa
  • Cafe Bombay
  • On Phil Howard and Soft Machine
  • Sound Check
  • John’s Gear
  • Robert Wyatt: An Appreciation
  • It’s the Mole! On Matching Mole
  • JFK: The Fifth Beatle
  • Why Jimi Matters
  • Phantom
  • Squeaky
  • Cosmo
  • The Road Ends in Water